About Us

Beginning The Journey

I grew up in Southern California and one of my favorite hobbies was playing sand vollyball. One day I jumped up to hit the ball and landed in the sand as my body continued to twist. I felt a sudden sharp pain in my back and had difficulty breathing. The next morning I was unable to get out of bed unassisted. I was loaded into the back of a pick up, literally because I could not sit up, and driven to the Chiropractor. I thought Chiropractic was miraculous. I was currently in school completing my prerequisites for physical therapy. I called a local Chiropractor and asked if I could observe. He took the time to explain how the body worked, why people had pain and why they got better under Chiropractic care. He helped me so much that I knew that I wanted to help others in the same way. I got accepted at Life Chiropractic College West and by 1991  I was ready to enter practice.

I have been providing Chiropractic Care for over 20 years. My training in Gonstead, Diversified, Impulse, Cold Laser and Nutrition gives me the experience and techniques to address tough cases.

I am committed to promoting optimal health and well being to my patients.

Enough about me! How can I help you with Chiropractic? Give us a call at (707) 257-3600