Comprehensive Detox Program

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Evaluation just - $125 ***


1Comprensive Detox Program:

The only scientifically designed 4 week program to combine homeopathic remedies with phamacuetical grade nutraceuticals for a complete approach to WHOLE BODY detoxification and cleanse. This detox program includes:

Three Nutritional consultations with Dr. Roxann Bettencourt, initial evaluation and strategy, day 8 consult and final evaluation at the end of the program. A Comprehensive Detoxification Kit, OmniCleanse supplement, OmniCleanse medical foods and an educational program binder. Three Nutritional consultations with Dr. Roxann Bettencourt including the initial evaluation and strategy visit, day 8 consult and final evaluation at the end of the program.

Initial Consultation$125 ( 2 follow up visits/ $40)

Omni Cleanse$199   Probiotics$38                  

2.  Functional Wellness Program:

The  purpose of this lifestyle and nutrition program is to create an optimal environment in which your body can heal and repair itself. This is achieved by restoring motion and function to the spine, eliminating foods and toxins, which adversely affect the body and by providing nutrients that the body may be lacking. The Functional Wellness Program is a comprehensive and individualized approach that restores and reclaims your overall health and vitality in 60 Days!   This program includes:

Initial Consultation: $125 (Initial Evaluation & Strategy) After your first visit, Dr Roxann Bettencourt will recommend the program that best fits your needs and goals.

    * Chiropractic Care                                 

    * Detoxification and Cleanse

    * Massage




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