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Welcome to Ranch Chiropractic!

Dr. Roxann M. Bettencourt

Health is our greatest asset and we believe that each individual has a choice as to what kind of health care they choose.

At Ranch Chiropractic our approach is unique and different! We see you as an individual with a unique set of needs, and we see Chiropractic health care as the means to help retrain your body to take care of itself. As you grow older, the stress of everyday life, repetitive motion at work, injuries and falls, or just plain living can compromise your body’s ability to cope. Our mission is to provide affordable, effective, “results-driven” patient centered Care.

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Comprehensive Detox Program


A scientifically designed 4 week program designed for Whole Body Detoxification.


Take Back Your Health and Vitality!


Book your 10 minute complimentary consultation and take back your Health!


Functional Wellness Program


This is an exciting 60 day program that restores your overall Health,Vitality and Wellbeing. The purpose of this lifestyle and nutrition program is to create an optimal environment in which your body can heal and repair itself.   After 60 days you will be amazed at how great you feel!